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Today you will find out first-hand why Appleā€™s new iPad is a must for all school administrators! You will be among the first to discover how the iPad impacts the classroom, whether it's true anytime anywhere content development or merging 60 pounds of textbooks or an entire library into a 1.5 pound device. You will learn how to take advantage of all that this incredible device has to offer from downloading and managing apps to an exploration of the latest education apps to increase productivity as well as student learning. The iPad is destined to be the most talked about device this year - be the first to introduce your school and students to this revolutionary device. Best of all, today you will leave with a brand new 16GB 3G iPad to take back to your school! 





Setting Up Your iPad

New iPad 


Bonding With Your iPad
Overview of the iPad Using iPads and Interactive Whiteboards Together
iPad Apps for Administrators 
Gestures   iAnnotate 
Schools Using iPads
Admins Using iPads  
Apps From the Workshop
Reflection  Flipped Classroom
Observation Apps SlideShare  
iBook Store

App Resources

The Social Learning Network BYOD

Universal Design for Learning


Flipped Instruction with the iPad

Additional Workshops: 
iWork for iPad Workshop

The iPad in the Special Ed Classroom 

Moving Forward with the iPad

Managing Data with an iPad   

       iPad Workshop Agenda District 27-30

Agenda May 14-15

Flipped Instruction with the iPad

 iPad 2



What are administrators doing with their iPads??


Free App to download for workshop




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Keynote Remote

It works well but can sometimes have issues on a school network.

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